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A couple of years ago I wrote a post on Medium for the Node.js Foundation on how to start and run a Node.js User Group. A lot of people have read this post over the years since I wrote it and used it as a guide.

I have been running different user groups for several decades, and I currently run the JaxNode User Group here in Jacksonville, Fl. This last year has been the most challenging year so far for running the group. …

Photo Illustration by David Fekke

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I recently did a blog post on using Dependency Injection in JavaScript. This technique comes in handy, and can be really useful when using web application frameworks like Express.

Express makes it very easy to inject dependencies into your web application through middleware or into individual routes. In my Express applications when I need a dependency, I inject it directly into a route by injecting it as a service on the request object. But before we do that, let’s break our app up into different modular components.

The Service

For the first part of this application, we…

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I have seen some posts on JavaScript and for other languages that dissuade the use of Dependency Injection. I even had a boss at one company I worked for tell his developers that we should never use Dependency Injection.

Dependency Injection (DI), sometimes referred to as ‘Inversion of Control’, is when an object receives other objects or functions it depends on for part of its functionality. This can be achieved by passing an object through object instantiation with a constructor or with a property setting. This is very common…

Photo Illustration by David Fekke

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How to run your Next.js app on Azure

I recently gave a presentation on building universal apps using Next.js and Express.js. Next.js is a framework from the great people at Vercel.

Vercel is a great hosting platform, but I am working on a project that is already using resources on the Azure platform, so I decided to host it there instead of at Vercel or another platform as a service.

I ran into a problem when I tried to deploy my Next.js app on Azure App Services. Azure already provides a several ways of deploying apps using continuous integration through git repos. You can…

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A while back I wrote a quick and dirty aviation weather proxy for the NOAA’s aviation weather service. The existing weather service returns the data in an XML format. So I created an express app that proxies two of the web methods from that service so they will return JSON instead of XML.

The original proxy service I wrote is a simple express app. Last year during the start of the pandemic I started looking at alternate frameworks. Fastify has become increasingly popular of the last couple of years.

Picture taken in the middle of the night on April 17th, 2017 at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport (ATL)

As the pandemic winds down, and more and more people start flying again, it is important to remember that the air traveling experience is not all it is cracked up to be sometimes.

A couple of years ago I made a business trip to Northern California on Delta Airlines. I am a Delta Airlines SkyMiles member, and have been for over a decade. I like thousands of other travelers got caught up in the delays and cancellations that affected Delta after a five hour hold on April 5th, 2017 at Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport. …

Photo Illustration by David Fekke

The Node.js foundation just released the first version of Node v16.0.0. The Node.js maintains multiple versions, including the current release along with a long term support (LTS) release. The current v16 release will become the LTS release sometime in October 2021. This is the normal release schedule for Node.

Photo Illustration by David Fekke

I decided to make a list of my favorite food and nutrition myths. We get a lot of mixed messages from the media about what is good for you to eat, and what is bad. One week we will hear a study hat says that food is good for you, and the next week we hear that food a will give you cancer.

Most of the studies that are cited in the news are based on epidemiology. Epidemiology in nutrition is based on surveys that people fill out about what they are eating, or have eaten over a period of…

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Polyglot Engineer Channel on using an M1 Mac for Development

I posted a video to Youtube back in November on whether Apple Silicon M1 Macs could and should be used by Developers and Software Engineers. I received more views for that video than any other video, with the exception of one I made of my broken air conditioner.

As I write this, Apple did their big April 20th, 2021 product announcements. One of the products they announced was the new M1 iMac. I have not purchased one of the new M1 Apple Silicon Macs yet, but…

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Apple will be releasing OS updates for most of their mobile devices pretty soon. There is a change that has ruffled the features of a lot of people in the online advertising industry.

The issue revolves around an API that Apple has for iOS called the Advertising Identifier, or IDFA for short.

The IDFA is used by advertisers to tie advertising campaigns back to a specific device. This is very similar to how they track users with cookies on certain browsers. I say certain browsers because Apple’s Safari and Brave have blocked this type of…

David Fekke

I am a software engineer and commercial pilot in jacksonville, Fl. I also produce videos for the Polyglot Engineer Channel on YouTube.

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